VIVAYA is the first interactive live-streaming Yoga and Wellness Center to share a vast array of holistic practices like yoga, meditation, nutrition, healing arts and coaching.

Throughout history and around the globe, an enlightened group of seekers have looked to tried-and-true practices like yoga, meditation, and reiki as channels for realization and healing. Today, VIVAYA shares these ancient arts through digital technology with everyone, to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

We are here to share game-changing ways to experience the holistic practices, and new tools to heal ourselves. We offer live-streamed classes, personalized, one-on-one sessions, and seminars with world-renowned guides, vetted by our collective of experts in the field. Through these offerings, we have built a bridge for anyone on a journey of self-discovery to meet face-to-face with master guides, creating a global collective unbound by time or place.

By weaving together the wisdom of the past with the technology of the future, VIVAYA taps into a deep well of spiritual aspiration — inspiring teachers and healers to share their talents, and empowering seekers to connect with their innate perfection.

Vivaya is more than a medium for transformation. We’re a world wide community at the forefront of a spiritual revolution.

VIVAYA Leadership

Florian Hartmann

CEO and Founder

Morgan Lulu

Guide Relations and Community Director

Dakota DiSanto

Social Media Manager

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