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"Yoga Sutra 2.44—Svadhyayat ishta devata samprayogah—which means, “When you are grounded in self-study you will find the appropriate yoga practice, life’s purpose, and path that really resonates with you.” "

With over 13 years of experience of helping people find inspired ways to easeful and graceful living, Nicola is truly a unique spiritual teacher, life mentor and energy practitioner. Her special blend of magic is the ability to draw upon the gifts of the ISHTA Yoga lineage, the ancient healing art of Ayurveda and the elemental work of Dr Stone’s Polarity Therapy simultaneously. Whether you are in physical discomfort, mental unease or spiritually seeking an authentic teacher and guide, Nicola believes that there is a template of health that is just right for you if you know where to look. Over the years she has come to work with large scale corporations such as Etsy, Spotify and the FBI but now focuses on helping high level people who are searching for high level solutions to their particular life challenge. On a personal Level, she has navigated the challenges of relocating multiple times, divorce, addiction work, being a single mom and breast cancer treatment and healing. Her expertise is in her intuitive listening and her willingness to be a channel for you find your highest and best self.


MA Psychology

Masters Education

Journey of the 12 Moons

Yin Yoga or Fascial Release and Ease

ISHTA Yoga: Unite the Physical and subtle Body

Chakra Bhedana (Balance)

Stress Relief for Techies

Guided Visualization Meditation

ISHTA Diksha

Mantra Meditation

Health Coaching

Ayurveda Nutrition

Miscellaneous Nutrition

Polarity Therapy

Spiritual Counseling

My Philosophy

I listen deeply and feel into the truths underneath your words. We all deserve to " feel like ourselves" and deep down there is a wisdom that knows itself and its radiance. We sometimes get lost and led astray. Maybe you’re struggling with your body, maybe it’s addiction, maybe it’s a shocking life experience or you just want to take a step towards a more aligned version of yourself. Whatever your reasons, making a move in the right direction is the important part.

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