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"Ancient Arts Crafted For Modern Times - Accessible and personalized astrological advice from the comfort of your home. "

My name is Kai de Lune and I am a professional astrologer, an interpreter of symbols, an intuitive and a mystic. My path here has been a beautiful one as a leader and guide in my local community. I've hosted women's circles, Moon gatherings, meditations and sound baths. I've taught classes and workshops on astrology and walked many clients through one one one, personalized sessions. My education, training and lived experience have created a strong foundation for me to share my knowledge and talents with others in this wider community. The language of astrology and symbolism is my heart’s language and I love sharing it more than anything.

My Philosophy

I am a translator of the ancient language of astrology. My goal is to help people understand themselves and their experience on a deeper level. I believe that astrology and symbolism can be wonderful tools for truth, knowledge, understanding, the expansion of perception, personal growth and evolution. My desire is to communicate the language of astrology and symbolism in a way that is practical, applicable and accessible for my clients.

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