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"Your life is a work of heart because you're a masterpiece in progress. + Trust the Divine, Trust Yourself. "

Ash here, your Heartist, who loves helping open-hearted people of all ages improve their trust fall with themselves & the Divine universe to unlock their innate creative freedom + personal power. I've had over 25,000 of self-awareness meditation and self-healing practice hours logged, and over 15,000 hours teaching young and old in self-healing practices (EFT, Tapping, Sedona Method & Direct Attention Somatic Healing aka "Feel the Feeling"), daily awareness training, and exploration of meditative practices. I've been Education Director for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Kids Programs and Sacred Awakenings Online Community For Spiritual Exploration. I've done extensive self practice with the Divine Mother, the intersectionality of major world religions/traditions, our inherent role as Creators (both literally and spiritually), and how we are moving collectively out of mastery of self-regulation to upleveled co-regulating/healing/expanding in genuinely balanced partnerships/communities. I have a deep well of personal experiences and love to share authentically and openly. I've been a: Childhood cancer survivor. Make-A-Wish Kid. World Traveler. Theatre Activist. Actress. Singer. Dancer. Director. Hollywood Hustler. Wellness Journey Junkie. Health Blogger. Accidentally Awakened Maiden. Modern Monk. Disillusioned Devotee. Married. Mother To Two Daughters. Domestic Abuse Survivor. Divorced. Keeper of Playfulness, Joy, Innocence, and Hope. Enjoy practices right on my web site or play along with me on my Podcasts: Creator Being With Ash Archambeau / Spirit, Actually /Deeper Dive Creator Being.


Self-Healing CEO

Activating Your Authenticity

Supporting The Divine Feminine Collective

You Are A Creator Being

My Philosophy

MY GUIDED OFFERINGS: SELF-HEALING CEO: Learn to clear your inner space like a boss. YOU ARE A CREATOR BEING: Deep Dive Into Trust Falling With Yourself & The Universe For Ultimate Co-Creation SOMATIC ACTIVATION OF THE DIVINE MOTHER: Experience Your Body As The Mother & Nurture Yourself Into Feminine Union ONE ON ONE: Loving support and intuitive guidance for Self: healing, empowering, creating, expanding.

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