Derived from ancient Greek terminology that translates to “beauty” and “strength”, Calisthenics is an art of bodyweight exercises used to work out your body from top to bottom, building strength, stamina and flexibility. These are exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime and by anyone – all you need is yourself, with no other equipment necessary (the one exception being bars for pull-ups, chin-ups or dips – though alternatives can often be provided). Calisthenics is inclusive of a long list of exercises in which your body is used as resistance, to harness and generate power as well as to heal and revive. Calisthenics as a form of exercise is an incredibly powerful tool to further enhance and optimize fitness.



Calisthenics workouts can vary in vigor and pace from slower and gentle to more vigorous and exertive. It can be applied to any and all goals, from cardiovascular health to muscle development, coordination and overall conditioning. It is highly modifiable in form, volume and pace to meet you where your physical needs are while challenging your appropriately to facilitate change in your body. Some of the individual exercises may be familiar to you – such as lunges, planks and push-ups – and other less so. There are numerous forms of each exercise, which can reduce plateaus (and boredom) and encourage further evolution of your body. Classes are designed around carefully arranged series of exercises to take your fitness to the next level.



Powerful as a primary form of exercise and equally effective as a complement to other activities, Calisthenics offers something for everyone. It can improve aerobic function, build muscle, increase stamina and expand flexibility. It can also be a potent rehabilitator. As with any type of exercise, Calisthenics isn’t limited to working only with the physical body. By training and pushing our physical selves, in turn we challenge ourselves mentally and expand our capacity to focus, work through challenges and simply feel good about ourselves. You may find improvements in your psychomotor abilities, from agility to balance, to overall coordination that incorporates mind and body.

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