According to centuries-old Tantric and Vedic tradition, there are seven subtle energy centers aligned within our bodies. Each of these energy centers, known as “chakras”, is associated with a different part of the body, different emotions, different aspects of life, and a different designated color. Optimal health and wellbeing are better achieved when all seven chakras are in balance. The chakras are an integral part of several wellness practices, from Reiki to Ayurveda and Yoga – as well as meditation. Chakra Meditation can help identify which of your chakras are blocked, and uses special meditative techniques to release and restore harmony throughout your being. It can also simply enhance the power that lies within each chakra.



Depending on your knowledge and understanding of the seven chakras, your teacher might take time to talk through each of them first. In one-on-one sessions, there may be more specific discussion about any discomforts, concerns or challenges you’ve been feeling or facing in your life. Above all, your teacher will ensure you feel comfortable opening up. Chakra Meditation can also be practiced with an emphasis on one, a few or all chakras, regardless of your current state, as all are always present within us and can be tapped into.

Dialoging, pranayama and other verbally-guided techniques may be used to evaluate and test your different chakras, and help identify which areas will be most beneficial for you to focus on. Engaging with these centers through focused meditation, may help to restore balance within one or across all chakras. You may feel waves of calm wash over you, a needed flame re-ignited, a dissolution of negative energy. It can look and feel like any number of things – simply depending on what you need most – but you can trust that it is all good.



Chakra Meditation offers a transformative and powerful approach to tapping into your physical, emotional and energetic being. Whether you are experiencing pain in your body, stress or anxiety, meditating with a focus on your chakras has been known to be both self-revealing and healing. And, learning to better understand chakras helps us become more universally in-tune with our bodies and minds, and gifts us with an impactful and useful way to evaluate, assess and address challenges we are feeling or experiencing at any given time.



"Peace comes from within. Don’t seek it without." – Buddha

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