For all of the power and wonders our mind holds, it can almost take on a ‘mind’ of its own. Most of us are familiar with a figurative ‘seed’ being planted, whether we are aware of it in a given moment or not, and that seed grows into self-doubt, worry, stress or a perpetually negative thought-pattern. When this happens repeatedly or regularly, the impact can be distributed and internalized elsewhere in our body. Guided Visualization Meditation takes this notion and, using a mentally-visualized focal point, uses it for positive, for growth, for good. 



Utilizing sacred image or imagery that is appealing to you, (which you may come up with yourself or it may be given to you by your teacher, individually or as part of a group), you will be talked through how to hold this in your mind, quieting and releasing all else. Breathwork, words and other techniques may be used to guide you to a deeper meditative state. Guided Visualization Meditation concentrates your attention, allowing your body and mind to calm and let go.



While Guided Visualization meditation has the cumulative positive effects of any form of meditation over time, it can be particularly effective for those more specifically goal-oriented or are looking for clarity or confidence on a particular ‘something’ in your life. You may just find that this then translates into many areas of your life – and yourself as a whole.



"What you think, you become. What you feel you, you attract. What you imagine, you create." – Buddha

Guided Visualization Meditation Classes

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