Enhancing mental clarity. Evoking inner peace. Connecting your spirit. Revitalizing your very being, and revealing – and loving – your true self.

Get ready to embrace the quiet, and meditate. 



There are many, many ways to meditate, ranging from formal practices to individual discoveries that work best for you. Many forms of meditation involve breathwork in some way. Some focus on a word, mantra or specific concept. Different types of meditation call for sitting or situating yourself in a specific way, as comfortably as possible (and always modifiable), to make the most of the practice. All forms of meditation give you tools you can use not only when you are taking time to do a concentrated meditation, but throughout your day. And, the more you commit to a regular meditation practice, the more you are likely to feel more centered, confident and grounded in all aspects of your life.

Your personality, health and goals may help inform what kind of meditation is best for you. But all of that aside, it simply comes down to what ultimately feels best to you and inspires you to maintain a regular practice. Just remember – Meditation is always there for your when you need it. You may find one type of meditation works best for you, or you may enjoy shifting from one type to another. It can be helpful to try different methods to see what resonates.



All forms of meditation are incredibly powerful. Meditation can help us work through and overcome challenges, including emotional, psychological or physical discomfort or issues – but it is by no means limited to this. Meditation is in fact best practiced regularly, over the long-term. It serves to elevate our status-quo. Joy may become more joyful, calm may become more peaceful, steady may become more grounded, light may become more enlightened. In addition to myriad scientifically-demonstrated health benefits, it can also better prepare and equip us to mitigate the stressors that are part of everyday life and bigger ones that may come our way.

Meditation is simple. All you need is yourself and a desire to commit to a practice. While simple, it may not necessarily be easy, but with time and regular practice it may very well become second nature to you. It has a cumulative effect – and should be practiced regularly and over the long-term for maximum impact.



A great deal of focus in health has to do with the body – but just as important is the mind. And meditation can help not only with how we think, feel, act and re-act, but can impact the body as well. In recent years, even modern and mainstream medicine has embraced meditation as an effective, wellness-enhancing tool. It has been shown to improve issues including high blood pressure, pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep troubles. Our mind and body and soul are one – and should be treated as such. They are interconnected and interrelated.



VIVAYA Meditation instructors bring an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to you, to guide you on your meditation practice and journey. All have studied and trained extensively in the type of meditation they teach and are steeped in themselves. As with instructors of all VIVAYAofferings , you can expect the utmost patience, compassion, wisdom and kindness to guide, nourish and support you.



Through meditation, the higher self is experienced. – Bhagavad Gita

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