From sustenance and pleasure to fuel and comfort, the relationship between nutrition and overall health and wellbeing cannot be overstated. What we eat and drink is directly correlated to how we feel, think, move and live. It impacts our health on both microbiological and conscious levels.

Simply put: to be properly nourished is to thrive. And whole, real foods are one of the most potent and accessible tools available to support prevention, healing and health maintenance.



There is a tremendous spectrum of approaches to nutrition, extending across differing philosophical and physiological philosophies, to others specific to a certain goal or healing journey. There are also many reasons for wanting to examine or change habits.

Nutrition has both personal and community components, and it’s easy for something seemingly simple to feel complex or daunting. Whether you have something in mind you’d like to explore or are looking to find what’s best for you, VIVAYANutrition can help you navigate and find what’s best for you, always with an emphasis on real, wholesome foods.



While there may be some universally applicable pillars, nutrition is personal and relative to individual needs and preferences. There is no one singular ‘best’ approach, and many factors impact what each of us does or should consume. VIVAYANutrition is free of judgement, stress and pressure – and full of value, accessibility and support. No matter the nutrition offering you seek, you can expect to experience the power of healing through deep nourishment.

You’ll also find all nutrition offerings here are tailored to work within your schedule and lifestyle, and can accommodate any range of cooking abilities or desires.



Making changes to what and how you eat and drink can seem challenging or overwhelming – especially when going it alone. But with the right support, information and guidance, anything is possible. The VIVAYANutrition guides are professional experts with extensive training and experience working within their respective specialties. You can trust in them to help you explore, and to simplify and streamline your journey and help guide you toward and through the positive change you seek.

Nutrition Classes

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Nutrition Guides