Restorative Yoga is a particularly mindful form of yoga, fostering physical and emotional rejuvenation and harmony. Its proliferation and refinement is often credited to B.K.S. Iyengar, who explored not only modifying asanas to be more safe and effective for students, but also to help people recover from injury or illness. Judith Hanson Lasater, who studied with Iyengar and is considered to be one of the foremost yoga teachers in the U.S., helped to popularize Restorative Yoga. It offers an essential balance to the stressors and constant motion of life. Restorative Yoga opens the door to slowing down, to letting go, to simply being. Less becomes more.



A potent combination of supported asanas (postures) with pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation encourages surrender. Restorative Yoga not only utilizes techniques specifically designed to reduce risk of pain or injury, but can help soothe discomfort, relieve existing tensions and calm both the body and mind. You will likely find yourself deliciously relaxed, and you may experience a deeper physical or emotional release – which often go hand-in-hand together.

In a typical Restorative Yoga class, each position may be held for several minutes or longer. This stillness, along with gentle movement and a focus inward, facilitates improved flexibility, mobility and healing. You may be guided by your teacher to have bolsters, pillows, blankets or other support props nearby. These can enhance your restorative practice, giving your body permission to more safely, comfortably and effectively deepen and sink into each asana for an extended period of time.



Restorative Yoga is truly yoga for everyone. It finds you where you need it, offering restoration and rejuvenation that ranges from simple relaxation to therapeutic benefit. Light a few candles, breathe, and allow the beauty of Restorative Yoga to meet you where your body – and mind – need it most.



“Through restorative poses you come into harmony with your body’s natural rhythms. Living by these rhythms is the key to good health.” -- Judith Hanson Lasater

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