A yoga method that utilizes asana for static stretching, Yin Yoga works primarily with joints and connective tissues while elongating the muscles and relaxing the mind. It is a balance to the physical “yang” yoga more commonly practiced, which is more musculature-centric – a philosophy rooted in Chinese Taoism.



Yin Yoga is practiced at a slower pace to give your body time to soak it all in. Each asana may be held on average for three-to-five minutes – sometimes less, sometimes more depending on your body and level of experience. Your teacher may guide you to utilize different support props to both ease and deepen your practice, modifying each asana and the overall series of postures and potential breathwork to most benefit your body.



Yin is an incredibly valuable practice to offset the vigor and intensity of “yang” yoga practices, and is an important addition to any athlete’s routine. And, aside from exercise or yoga, if much of your day is stationary (such as sitting at a computer for work), Yin can help improve posture and ease stiffness, aches and pains by making subtle yet substantial changes in the body. Yin Yoga improves elasticity, and as you breathe and settle into each asana, it can be immensely opening in particular for the hips, pelvis and spine. It is a yoga of making space in areas of the body where stress is often held, helping to release and relieve some of these tensions.



"The real power to authorize truth is contained within each and every one of us.” --Paulie & Maria Zink (Yin Yoga founder)

"Yin Yoga is a Chinese Taoist form of yoga that uses postures based on the five transforming energies or elements. Everything around us is made of these energies. Our health depends upon being in a natural state of balance with these elemental energies." – Paulie Zink

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